X will consist of our online hunt, CryptX, and six on-site events — Design, Quiz, Gaming, Programming, Speaking, and Surprise Event. Each event will have a unique theme based around Make.

At X, we want all participants of a team to come together as a startup and Make something. All events are interconnected to each other, and add towards the final goal of creating a useful product.


Number of members per team: Up to 3

The Design team will have to create a brand identiy, along with a website, deck and other essential features of their startup.

A PC or laptop loaded with eveything you might need, and a connection to the internet will be provided to each team. Participants are encouraged to get their laptops, tablets, and other devices to increase productivity and test responsive designs.

Participants will be required to upload all files on the cloud at the end of the first day and will be allowed to work from their homes. They will also be allowed use external libraries, scripts, and templates, but judging will be done keeping originality and creativity in mind.

Nishant Gadihoke may be contacted in case of any queries.


Technical details

Every team will get 2 workstations with an internet connection, and loaded with the following:

  • Git & Apache with PHP and MySQL
  • Sublime Text 2 & Prepros
  • Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Blender, Sketchup
  • jQuery, Skeleton, Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Ion Icons, Flat UI

Let us know if you need anything specific, and we’ll make sure it's there.


Number of members per team: 2

Participants are expected to be familiar with fundamental programming constructs such as loops, arrays and functions.

The main concept of the event will be revealed on the spot, and will be an interplay of logical thinking and algorithmic programming.

Sidhant Bhavnani may be contacted in case of any queries.


Technical details

All code will be written in C++ and every team will be provided one workstation with Code::Blocks and Turbo C++.


Number of members per team: 2

X has always been known for turning the traditional Quiz format on its head, and this time it’s no different. With a time-bound Preliminary round followed by a gruelling Final round, it’s an endurance challenge at its very best.

Shreyvardhan Sharma may be contacted in case of any queries.


Number of members per team: 2

“Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to flow”
– Nolan Bushnell

Participants should be prepared for absolutely anything. Participants are allowed to bring their own gear.

Ishan Hari Kumar may be contacted in case of any queries.


Number of members per team: 1

Moving away from the conventional GD format, this time the participants are required to make a deck, with the help of their design team, to pitch their product. The pitch will be followed by questions from the judges.

This event will test your creativity, spontaneity and presentation skills.

Shradha Sehgal may be contacted in case of any queries.


Number of members per team: ∞

We just love pushing you to your limits. Funny, no?

All details will be revealed on-the-spot.